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I Welcome You, My Beautiful Friend!

This site is for YOU, me, us, fellow anison and J-music lovers to share our words.
So if you know a beautiful song, let me in on it and I will translate it for all to enjoy.

Revision: April 06, 2019

Feel free to request English translation for any song in Japanese and please note that:

  • Correct spelling, can hasten things. Kanji, Kana, Romaji, English, or a mix are acceptable.
  • All upcoming and done translations can be found in The Compendium pages.
  • I don’t translate by hearing. You can read the About page, section B for more info.
  • Fulfilled request comments will be deleted a while after to keep this page usable.

And thank you very much for posting!

27 comments on “Request Lyrics

    • Yes. If I find a way to listen to it. Or you provide me with it. A quick search didn’t give me any Tube videos. Will look harder when I’m less busy.

      • [audio src="" /]

  1. hello, could you please translate Paradigm Shift from Ruka Suirenji (Haruka Yamazaki), album Fukuin? thanks in advance, sir

  2. hello ^^
    I’m looking for the translation of SPYAIR’s Winding Road *from the album MILLION*
    could you please translate it?
    i’ll be waiting for it. arigatou 🙂

  3. for my 2nd request: †DEVIL’S MISSION† – Haqua du Lot Herminium/Saori Hayami, Elsie de Lute Irma/Kanae Itou.

    keep up the good work my friend 😀

  4. Hi, can I request lyrics (english included) for プラネタサイリユム from Hina3 Message album by Hinagiku Katsura?

  5. Hi there! I know this is kinda old song (2013), but can’t help wondering if you could translate Phatmans After School「人類への過程」Process to Humanity/Jinrui e no Katei lyrics please? I was quite surprised no one has made a translation for it yet at all… 😦

  6. Hello Guys. may i request a translation from ending song from anime Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge. its title is Kimi no Futari by Yuri Kari. feel free work on it when u have free time. Thanks XD

  7. Hello Kyuzo-san!
    yep i already know ur trouble, i ll wait patiently until ur situation get better right there
    but when u get back, can u please help me translate Paradigm Shift from Ruka Suirenji (Haruka Yamazaki) in her album Fukuin?
    im dying try to find that lyrics everywhere, i dont know why that lyrics is impossible to find…
    u r my last hope Kyuzo-san 😦
    i ll wait until u came back~ if someday u read this post, i hope u can help me
    Thanks Kyuzo-san, be my hero T_T

  8. I searched so hard for Flow-Hey!!! Translation but i couldn’t find, i was thinking that you can translate it. Thank you for all those translations btw :3

  9. Can you please do the translation for:

    Here I am, Here We Are from Hayate the Combat Butler? The singer is Rie Kugimiya and Ryoko Shiraishi. Please? No one ever do the english translation for this song.

  10. I know you’re in trouble, but I’d love if you could translate this song:
    Hello, I love you!

    From New Dr. Slump
    I don’t know the artist

  11. If possible, it would be amazing if you were able to translate ‘哀より愛し’ (Ai Yori Aishi) by Spyair. From their ‘Just Do It’ album, second disc.


  12. Hi kyuzo-dono
    I was searching for a translation of the song “Take it back” and “Monochrome Effector” by My First Story. I was wondering if you could translate it for me?

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Hi!
    Ughh.. I didn’t realize that I’ll need a lyrics for the fansub project of mine.
    Even if this had been requested for two or three times, I’ll post it again.

    Can I have a romanised and english lyrics for -paradigm shift-?
    Title: -paradigm shift-
    Album: fukuin
    Artist: Ruka Suirenji starring Haruka Yamazaki.
    Anime: Hayate the Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties

    Both romanised and english, please. Thanks in advance!

  14. Hi Kyuzo-dono,
    Can I request Opening “Hayate no Gotoku : Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”? the song is performed by eyelis with title Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.
    I will wait. Thanks in advance.

  15. I have a request regarding the song in anime Hayate no gotoku can’t take my eyes off you (season 3) ending song (where Ruka sings this song)
    Singer: Haruka Yamazaki (Ruka Suirenji, anime character)
    Album: Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ED Single – Koi no Wana
    Song: Koi no Wana [Love Trap]

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