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Baka ♫ Lyrics is as of October 25, 2013 on an indefinite semi-hiatus regarding requests, called for by unfortunate circumstances. This means is I do not guarantee being able to fulfill requests anymore until further notice. This does NOT mean you can’t still post requests or that I’ve stopped taking them.


→ Please read the “REQUESTS” section in the About page for the conditions of requesting.

→ In order to make a request, please:

► Be as specific as you can. Correct spelling of the artist, song, album etc will speed things up.
► Keep in mind that music from anime series, take priority.
► Be patient, as I might be otherwise occupied. I will get around to fulfilling your requests if it meets the criteria mentioned, as soon as I can. If it does not, I’ll explain why I’d reject it.


79 comments on “Request Lyrics

  1. can you find lyrics for SAMBOMASTER – kimi wo mamotte kimi wo aishite

    • Hi and sorry about not being on to answer ya. You can read the updates page for a short explanation.
      Thanks very much for being the first to post a request. I’m still busy with the aftermath of what happened to me in this past 4 inactive months. I’ll very soon get around to fulfilling your request.
      And yes that song is easily available and I’ll be very happy to add it here!

  2. Wow, that’s a really nice site you have there. *thump up* Surely did need a lot of effort.
    Oh well, I’m here for a request so I’m cutting to the chase.
    I’d be really happy if you could add “Tamura Yukari – Hohoemi no Plumage” of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A’s and maybe “Nana Mizuki – Sacred Force”.

    • Thanks for the compliment. The hardest part is actually connecting here since my net has enormous filtering and that is part of why I haven’t been on the Blog lately. Both songs will be added soon, thank you for posting your request.

      • Oh, thanks a lot. Therefore your response was fast. Keep up the good work. I really like it.
        Maybe I have some more request in the future, so I’ll be stopping by every once in a while.

  3. Requests are always welcomed. Enjoy the first one, Sacred Force. I’ll find more time for anything else you have in mind. Next coming: Hohoemi no Plumage.

  4. hi…
    can i request Spyair- Raise Your Hands and Stay Gold (album-Just Do It)

    thank you.

    • Sure, will do them by a coupla days’ time, tops. Hopefully both will be added tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by ( ・_・)ノ

  5. And here I’m again with a little request. This time it’s: Yoki Shoujo no tame no Pavane – Ruka Suirenji starring Haruka Yamazaki from the album “Ruka Suirenji 1st Album – Fukuin”. I really appreciate your work.

    • Hi. As you can see I haven’t had the time unfortunately, to update the blog for some weeks. Sorry about the delay but been having trouble irl lately. I can’t tell you when I’ll get around to fulfilling your request, but I can tell you I appreciate it. Perhaps in a couple of days’ time.

      • Yeah, I know you have it rough, since we talked not long ago about your circumstances. Just take your time, I’m patience. <: But thanks in advance.

  6. Hello,
    could you please translate this song: SPYAIR – Setsuna afraid [切なafraid] ?
    I’d be very much grateful! ^-^

    • No reason I wouldn’t, it would be my pleasure.
      It’s just that since it has been presidential election time again in my country, just like four years ago they messed up the very underlying infrastructure of internet in here. It’s been impossible to log in anything, open pages, especially using proxies (which I need, to even open WordPress normally) and download/upload anything; including saving pages cuz the packet loss was just too big, as they filtered every damn bit of data for political reasons.

      I hate bringing stuff like that here, but since I was unable to fulfill requests for a month or so, I hope AraragiKun and you also would read this, and forgive me for any delays that might happen.
      Once I get back to doing some blogging your requests will in order be first things in my to-do list.

      • Of course I’m waiting patiently and don’t want to put pressure on you in any way. You certainly have some crazy people in the government. In my country that would be unimaginable.
        I already knew you couldn’t access the net that easy, but that’s just absurd. I hope your situation is changing for the better soon. By then, good luck my friend.

      • Oh, I see.
        I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m not in a hurry, I can wait for as long as it takes.
        I hope this situation in your country will end soon.

        Thank you kindly in advance, I appreciate it.

        I wish all the best to you.

  7. Appreciate your sensitive words. I’m blessed I have readers like you guys (*¬*)ノ

  8. Sup man! I’m the HM 家族 request would be the lyrics of 透明人間 on the 3RISE album…as you may imagine, the only part I know surely is..’I’m just a invisible man… Anyways, hope you can do it bro! KEEP DOING YOUR BEST! like ur work.

    • Sup yourself! Thanks for your request and for following procedure. I already knew which one you meant, it’s “toumei ningen” which actually means invisible man. Sure thing, expect it soon (^_^)-d

  9. hi..
    me again..

    can i request your translation for
    1- Spyair – Niji
    2- Spyair – Are You Champion? Yeah!! I’m Champion !!


    • I will start blogging again shortly if my new internet contract shows any promise; if and when so, I will translate those for you nadz-san. I was offline for more days than I care to remember and I’ve kept everyone here waiting due to insufferably bad net. Sorry everybody.

  10. hi…. can I request Rolling Stars-BLEACH?
    thank you.

  11. Minami-chan your request will be done when I can fulfill it.
    Guys, everyone please forgive me for the wait. Things, unfortunately, never did get better despite your patience however. I planned to move out of here and spent months on it but couldn’t make ends meet, changed my ISP several times and prepared the translated/romanized text beforehand so I would release it when I’m back.
    But despite wide belief that it would never, Https-based proxy (most commonly used here) also is now fully blocked by the gov. I’m here using an unstable last-resort connection and have no idea whether I can continue using WordPress at all in the future. Let’s never stop hoping.

  12. hi, i want to request lyrics for “hoshikuzu no ringu – asami imai” from corpse party
    thank you

    • Coming soon. Thanks for dropping by!

  13. Hello, could please translate “Harete Hallelujah” of Ouki Aki, from Mahoujin Guruguru; or “Kao Dekaai” of Funta, from Dr. Slump?

    Thanks in advance, even if it just from reading my request n.n

    • Thanks for being precise and for your request. They will be fulfilled in order. My awful connection limits me so they will take a bit of time, please be patient.

  14. Hi! Could you translate please the Opening of Ai Yori Aoshi -Enishi-, it is named Takaramono and the singer is Yoko Ishida

    • Will do. Thank you for your request!

  15. Hello and thank you for your hard work! When you have time, could you please translate Nana Mizuki’s “SUPER GENERATION”? It hasn’t been used in an anime, but it’s still a pretty nice song ^^

  16. Hello, could you please translate the music Forever Star – Ruka Suirenji (Starring Yamazaki Haruka)?

  17. Haru-san and Victor-san, your requests will be done, but I cannot announce an ETA. Check weekly. Thank you.

    • No problems. Thanks ♫

    • Take your time and thank you ^^

  18. hi..
    could you please translate:

    RADWIMPS (Zettai Zetsumai)
    – Mo no Morai


    SPYAIR (Million)
    -雨上がりに咲く花 (Ameagari ni saku hana)
    -16 and Life

    thank you.

  19. Hello, can you translate SPYAIR – Link it All?
    Thank you ;ww;

  20. Ai-san, vih-san, I will try to.

  21. Girls Power Carnival – Hinagiku Katsura starring Shizuka Ito
    And well done 🙂

    • Added to the coming request jobs to be done. Thank you.

  22. Hey dude! Can you translate: U&I – SPYAIR (Just DO It)? Thx!

  23. To everyone who honored Baka ♫ Lyrics with their requests so far, thanks very much. I will resume blogging activity, hopefully within 45 days.
    As things are, my PC’s hardware getting busted, my net getting even further limited, and myself being in the process of moving to another city have left me with almost zero time and access to blogging. I apologize. Once I resume I will fulfill all requests so far. Thanks for posting and being patient!!

  24. Hello! Can I request SPYAIR’s song called “Stay Together” from their album “Rockin’ the World”?
    I feel that it has a cute and inspiring meaning ♥ Thanks in advance!

    • Sure. Added to the upcoming songs. Thanks for dropping by. I’ll fulfill Requests in timely order after I settle down in the city I’m moving to.

  25. By the way, when you get time, could you please translate Tsuki no Inori, from Ruka Suirenji? It’s among my favorite songs but i can’t even find its lyrics…

    • I’ll look into it. Thanks!

  26. Can u translate Tsuki no Inori from Ruka Suirenji? its my best song but cant find it. Thanks

    • Thanks for requesting. Will go after it soon!

  27. Can you translate Asterisk by Nagi Sanzenin (VA Rie Kugimiya) ? Thanks before 😀

    • Yes. If I find a way to listen to it. Or you provide me with it. A quick search didn’t give me any Tube videos. Will look harder when I’m less busy.

      • [audio src="" /]

  28. Oh well. I usually use streaming but that works too. Sure. I’ll do this whenever I get the time. Thanks for the request!

  29. hello, could you please translate Paradigm Shift from Ruka Suirenji (Haruka Yamazaki), album Fukuin? thanks in advance, sir

    • Thanks for requesting. Will be on it soon.

  30. hello ^^
    I’m looking for the translation of SPYAIR’s Winding Road *from the album MILLION*
    could you please translate it?
    i’ll be waiting for it. arigatou 🙂

    • With pleasure.

  31. for my 2nd request: †DEVIL’S MISSION† – Haqua du Lot Herminium/Saori Hayami, Elsie de Lute Irma/Kanae Itou.

    keep up the good work my friend 😀

  32. Hi, can I request lyrics (english included) for プラネタサイリユム from Hina3 Message album by Hinagiku Katsura?

  33. Hi there! I know this is kinda old song (2013), but can’t help wondering if you could translate Phatmans After School「人類への過程」Process to Humanity/Jinrui e no Katei lyrics please? I was quite surprised no one has made a translation for it yet at all… 😦

  34. To every one of you guys who’ve honored Baka Lyrics evermore with your requests, I’d like to say thanks and that it would be my delight to fulfill all requests mentioned above. As you might notice, I’ve had another 3-4 months of hiatus. It will unfortunately continue for a while until I get to some stability in my life. Right now I don’t even have any phone or internet access at the destination of my recently done move-out, where I now started to live. When the situation is any better and ore stable I will definitely process all your requests, just like last time.

    I’d like to ask for your patience and continued support. Cheers!

  35. Hello, may I request lyrics translation of Crimson Ring by Noriko Mitose? It’s an OST from a game called Corpse Party.

    Japanese lyrics:

    Feel free to work on it when you have free time to do so. Thank you! 🙂

    • Oops, song title is Crimson Sign. Sorry for the confusion!

  36. Hello Guys. may i request a translation from ending song from anime Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge. its title is Kimi no Futari by Yuri Kari. feel free work on it when u have free time. Thanks XD

  37. Can you do Yumi Hara In The Rain? Its from Corpse Party Blood Drive. 😀

  38. Hello Kyuzo-san!
    yep i already know ur trouble, i ll wait patiently until ur situation get better right there
    but when u get back, can u please help me translate Paradigm Shift from Ruka Suirenji (Haruka Yamazaki) in her album Fukuin?
    im dying try to find that lyrics everywhere, i dont know why that lyrics is impossible to find…
    u r my last hope Kyuzo-san 😦
    i ll wait until u came back~ if someday u read this post, i hope u can help me
    Thanks Kyuzo-san, be my hero T_T

  39. I searched so hard for Flow-Hey!!! Translation but i couldn’t find, i was thinking that you can translate it. Thank you for all those translations btw :3

  40. Can you please do the translation for:

    Here I am, Here We Are from Hayate the Combat Butler? The singer is Rie Kugimiya and Ryoko Shiraishi. Please? No one ever do the english translation for this song.

  41. I know you’re in trouble, but I’d love if you could translate this song:
    Hello, I love you!

    From New Dr. Slump
    I don’t know the artist

  42. If possible, it would be amazing if you were able to translate ‘哀より愛し’ (Ai Yori Aishi) by Spyair. From their ‘Just Do It’ album, second disc.


  43. hey
    i was wondering if you could translate

    japanese lyrics:

    youtube song:

  44. Will you ever come back?

  45. Can you please translate Hato by Hatsune Miku into English? 🙂

  46. Luph-san and all of you kind readers of Baka ♫ Lyrics, all the way to Sigma-san and Yuiko-san;

    m(___ ___)m

    Kono aida hontouni moushiwake arimasen deshitaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    I’m truly sorry and would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart for now 13 months of inactivity.

    Without further ado, I’d like to announce that I’m back and I’ll start working on the blog of our shared interests once again, this time hopefully with much less interference. Yep, I have once again found my foothold in life and I’d like to keep it this way. A lot happened this past year. Now lets face forward and please continue your support and bring in your requests. Comments and likes too!!!
    I can’t believe I stayed far from music so much. Time to make amends 🙂

  47. Hi kyuzo-dono
    I was searching for a translation of the song “Take it back” and “Monochrome Effector” by My First Story. I was wondering if you could translate it for me?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Sure. All requests will be done soon in timely order. There are several requests before yours so it will take time. Please be patient and thank you very much for requesting. m(_ ///_)m (it’s the same dogeza kaomoji just with hair this time xD)

  48. Hi!
    Ughh.. I didn’t realize that I’ll need a lyrics for the fansub project of mine.
    Even if this had been requested for two or three times, I’ll post it again.

    Can I have a romanised and english lyrics for -paradigm shift-?
    Title: -paradigm shift-
    Album: fukuin
    Artist: Ruka Suirenji starring Haruka Yamazaki.
    Anime: Hayate the Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties

    Both romanised and english, please. Thanks in advance!

    • Sure. All you gotta do is wait.

  49. Hi Kyuzo, would you help me with this one:

  50. Hi Kyuzo-dono,
    Can I request Opening “Hayate no Gotoku : Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”? the song is performed by eyelis with title Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.
    I will wait. Thanks in advance.

  51. Kyuzo-dono,,
    you’re awesome!

    can you please translate any song on Spyair’s new album entitled ‘4’?
    thankyou so much!

  52. I have a request regarding the song in anime Hayate no gotoku can’t take my eyes off you (season 3) ending song (where Ruka sings this song)
    Singer: Haruka Yamazaki (Ruka Suirenji, anime character)
    Album: Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ED Single – Koi no Wana
    Song: Koi no Wana [Love Trap]

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