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April 06, 2019

Six years ago on October 25, 2013 I put Request Lyrics page on indefinite hiatus. Also gradually around same time my own activity here diminished and in about half a year after that I had already gone inactive.

On June 26, 2014 I tried to revive the blog and start over thus I left a comment in Request Lyrics page apologizing and stating my intention to return, but I couldn’t. These things were all caused by personal problems in my life that disallowed me to continue all my blog activities. Well, for what it is worth, I intend to come back to it and resume activities.

Cheers, my great readers and friends!

March 26, 2014

New year’s few-day holidays allowed me to force open some time in my crazy life and fulfill the much-belated requests. I’m glad I could, and it was good while it lasted. I’ve been diagnosed with several health issues recently, and that’s what further diminished my chance to be here in the holidays. Let’s continue to hope that I can, as slow as it might be, resume blogging and improve the pace. Moving to my new home will open up new aspects for my life, and hopefully I can provide you guys with better service!


October 05, 2013

Another forced hiatus caused by extreme jamming and filtering applied to the internet / TV etc, by the gov starting at 2013 presidential elections. The hiatus started about mid May 2013 and ended around the beginning of October same year. I apologize to all my readers, but even now whether I am capable of continuing this blog or not, is unknown due to nearly every port used by proxy software having been one by one closed (latest and most famous one was Https which is now closed as well) due to our rotten politics.

Personally I’d never want to stop blogging J-pOp and I hope you guys feel the same.

December 22, 2012

I’m back… I was offline. I’m sorry not to actively attend to the blog and I intend to make up for that.

If you want to know why I was offline, I’m no longer willing to talk about it. A 4-month period of darkness just loomed over my life, but I’m simply out of it now. Glad to be back, really sorry about this forced hiatus, and let’s move on and share some music!

August 08, 2012

Baka ♫ Lyrics will as of today start undergoing some changes, both minor and major, in both layout and content quality, hopefully for the better. You probably won’t feel it, but I apologize for any possible inconveniences.

June 22, 2012

I’ve stopped adding videos of the songs, but please do enjoy the lyrics!

As some of the videos I have embedded here started getting DMCA and removed from their streaming sites, I started to feel that even though embedding might sound like a good idea, it’s actually not. The copyfight goes on in different forms, and looking at it in a wider view, I noticed that in the long run a blog such as this, has the potential to one day, inevitably turn into an ideal reference for some anti-piracy activist pigs to point out and easily find so-called copyright-infringing videos. That will cause trouble for both the uploaders and the videos and I don’t want that. I’m sure you either have the songs locally or are able to find and listen to them online (total number of 0 video plays in the last two months is enough evidence σ_σ), or else why would you be searching for the lyrics anyway! If any inconvenience is caused whatsoever, sorry, and blame capitalism.

April 25, 2012

Baka ♫ Lyrics is born, and officially up and running, hoping to bring you best Japanese lyrics translations ever.

– Your favorite author –

Uchuuichi Baka na Samurai!

(Number 1 Idiot Samurai in the Whole Universe!)


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  1. Hey! I love your site. Very informative regarding lyrics and translations! Keep blogging more! \m/

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