A) Baka ♫ Lyrics

► This is a nonprofit public weblog dedicated to sharing English translated and transliterated lyrics to Japanese songs.
► Only Romaji and English lyrics will be posted here. This is due to copyright laws. If you want the lyrics in Japanese, I can recommend Uta Net and Uta Map for their inclusiveness and high accuracy. You can also simply Google your song name and put 歌詞 (kashi = lyrics) after it to find them as well.
► I only post my own translation works here, 100% done by me from scratch. Only when there are no pending requests would I translate songs I am personally interested in. Moreover, if you see exact or similar copy of my translation / transliteration somewhere else it means myself or someone shared it there, not the other way around.

A.1) Terms of Use

No attribution or reference whatsoever to my blog or me is required.

B) Requests

B.1) Conditions & Notes

► For sake of precision, and due to the multitudinous existence of  homonyms in Japanese:

  • Songs for which I can’t find a reliable Kanji lyrics source cannot be translated.
  • Songs for which I can’t find a means to listen to cannot be translated.

► Songs that are requested will take priority over my own interests.
► I might have internet limitations as well as a myriad of other reasons unfortunately to be unable to fulfill your request as quickly as I would like. Patience is appreciated.

B.2) Quality

► It is my effort to perform with the absolutely highest possible precision in my translation works. I find my own works to be above 95% precise, for your peace of mind. My job motto is to do my best at capturing the meaning completely:

  • without losing grip on the overall coherency and the theme and subject of the work
  • without committing mistakes, uninformed insertions, guesslations and typos.
  • without involving personal feelings or opinions, which would cloud the reader’s understanding and relating to the lyrics.

Hence the tagline “Consistency, Accuracy, Transparency”.

► Still it behooves me to mention that regardless of my best intentions, translations, inevitably and by nature, are prone to mistakes or at least, forced compromises, due to the existing differences between the two languages and cultures at hand. On top of that, considering occasional human error as possible and probable, there might be few mistakes here and there in my writings. I previously apologize, and would highly appreciate any proof reading and pointing out of such mistakes. They will be immediately corrected if found.

► There are mainly two possible stances or approaches to translating:

  • Literal, until figurative is needed.
  • Figurative, until literal is needed

I strongly follow the former, and am against the latter approach, nearly to the point that I consider the latter to be mistaken and the former to be the only correct method. If you might find the English style of writing my translations come in, “hard to understand”, it’s because of this. Naturalizing the English, in favor of making it easier for all possible readers to understand it, at the cost of no longer sounding exactly like what the singer / character is saying, is a liberty I will not take.

C) Me

► I like linguistics, anime, games, sharing, science and history.
► I don’t believe in money, religion, governments. We made them up.
► My online nick is Kyuzo or Kyuzo_dono mostly. It originates from 7 Samurai franchise.
► Certain online activities of mine that are, however dispersed, probably worth mentioning, would be:

  • Q&A contributions on WikiAnswers, under Kyuzo
  • Song translations on JpopAsia, under Kyuzo
  • Song translations on Gendou, under Kyuzo_dono

► I picked up the interest for Japanese after watching anime in Japanese audio. After picking up the basics, I self-studied to get a better hold of the language. Watching anime, listening to Japanese songs, reading manga, attending some classes, self-studying and very helpful online sources contributed to what little I know today.

Public e-mail: hs90_2010 (at) yahoo.com

5 comments on “About

  1. hello there, kyuzo-dono 🙂
    your blog was awesome! then I stop in here..
    the ‘Watching anime, listening to Japanese songs, reading manga, attending some classes, self-studying and very helpful online sources contributed to what little I know today’ line was inspiring. yeah you know, japanese is such a complicated language, but you cannot resist that it’s challenging! i wish i could improve my japanese.

    • Your comment delights me. Thank you. I sure hope you can improve your Japanese and you can email me if you had questions I’d be glad to reply when I have time, and if I can.
      Other than that I recommend “imabi.net”. A very, very, gifted but underrated young individual is making available comprehensive high education sources of Japanese.
      And remember. Japanese, and any other language is a walk in the park, relative to “how good a listener” you are. Meant that in both a linguistic and non-linguistic sense.

      Best of luck.

  2. hello XD I’m another mere visitor of your blog that has been lurking around just recently (but I save paged some of your lyrics I hope it’s okay ><ll, for Spyair, literally._. (I know biggest chances are they will never heard about it but it's okay:|) and it contains most of their lyrics' pieces, and I wanted to ask for your permission to use your translation as my reference and if (only if (_ lll)) someday I put the work I made somewhere on the internet, your translation to be the one I'll post for it (I'm trying to make the song in japanese but since I'm 'still' just an ordinary person who doesn't know how to use japanese language well… I'm trying to get some help from others too haha TT TTll)..
    ..I think that is all I wanted to ask you about._. plus:
    1. lllorz I'm reaally reaaally sorry for making you have to read all of that, my babbler, because this is awkward for me Idk why._.
    2. please forgive my fail engrish asdfghjkl it's not my first language so… (I shouldn't be reasoningTT TTlll)
    3. THANK YOU very very much for the translations & time spent on reading this QuQ I'm really thankful & sorry for I am awkward TTuTTlll..

  3. hai there, kyuzo dono,, i don’t know how to say it, but Spyair’s Niji is what brings me to your blog, and after wandering around here and there, i must say that i adore your work! your translation really awesome! i thought you are a native with a very good english for a moment there. then i found out you are much more than that. keep up the good work! you literally have fans here, in Indonesia! 😀

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