6 comments on “[Req] SPYAIR _ U&I

  1. the lyric left me gulping, even from the first line. i had the feeling that the lyric was ‘suspicious’ as you said, before i saw the exact lyric lol! ike’s voice is kinda ‘mature’ in this song, though.
    thanks for translating this 🙂
    anyway, can you translate winding road please? i barely find it anywhere..

    • Sure. Thanks for commenting. Leave your request at the Requests page and I’ll add it to the list.
      It’s just not their style that’s why it leaves a grin behind, and why I joke about it; but it’s so smexy to hear SPYAIR sing love songs too once in a while.

  2. Kyuzo_dono I’m agree with you with the fact that is kinda strange that SPYAIR make love songs definitely it’s not their style as you say, anyway thank you very much for take the time for the translation! I love this song!

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