3 comments on “HOME MADE kazoku _ kimi to boku to no sukecchibukku (The Sketchbook of You and I)

  1. I really don’t know when you posted the lyrics, but please please please KEEP DOING IT! i love this group, and I think this page rocks!!! so please never stop!, ( WOULD be amazing if you posted all the song lyrics in 3RISE ( ^v^ ) and GO HOMEMADE 家族!!!

    • Why, thank you! I sure wouldn’t mind doing full discography translation on any of my favorite bands. Yes I have loved them too since day one.
      However that would take a lot of time and if you read requests page you’d know I’m having a good amount of trouble with my net even as we speak. If there is any song in particular you’d want TL’d post in the request page please. Thanks for the rating and commenting!

      • VoV!! Thanks for the reply..yeah I’m sure you have a lot of work to do..! and well as i said just keep doing it ! I’m adding this page to the favourites now.. xD!! anyway, my request would be this song by HMK…well to be honest i dunno the name but the lyrics say ‘I’m just a invisible man…’ the song is in the 3RISE album so… THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE!!

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