2 comments on “[Req] SPYAIR _ Raise Your Hands

  1. kyaaaa…..! arigatou!!
    actually i just watched the concert’s dvd last week, but i dun understand what it is all about..
    but i like the feel in this song from the concert.

    thanks for the translation.
    thank you so much.. m(___ ___)m

    • My pleasure.. doumo

      The concert was their first time going public with this huge an audience, while it was also their last time performing as a 5-people band, since ENZEL had announced plans to leave SPYAIR months ago. after Budoukan concert. IKE also kept talking about the band’s hardships and feeling lonely at first years but keeping strong and getting here and feeling good so on so forth (they were independent for 5 years before going major with Sony). MOMIKEN kept nagging about being nervous (≧∇≦) but it was really refreshing and fun to watch altogether, and they did great.

      The coolest part was when the audience folks were singing “My Friend” on their own which referred to ENZEL’s leaving the band.The first lines of that song which everyone was singing along means something like “Even if tomorrow we part and go our own ways, we will never be separated my friend” (ashita mata sorezore no michi wo aruitemo hanarenai ENZEL), where they replaced “my friend” from the lyrics with ENZEL, so it was sensational for them.

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