3 comments on “SPYAIR _ Turning Point

  1. Thank you for translating this! I remember seeing another version somewhere but I like yours a lot better.

    I don’t really know Japanese well at all, but to me ‘Break it DA’ could be either ‘Break it DOWN’ or ‘Break it だ’. It’s probably better to leave it alone like you did though.

    • Thank you for the compliment, I’m happy you liked it. The shorter the lyrics lines, the harder to re-expand it into sensible English sentences while staying true to the song, and this one is, well quite shortened at parts.

      Both your suggestions are likely at first glance but didn’t make any specific sense to add my own interpretation so I left it like that. There is no reason to write it with uppercase “DA” if it was romanized ” だ ” but it sounds more likely. It would mean colloquially translated : “Time to break it”.

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