7 comments on “Gintama’ OP 05 _ sakura mitsu tsuki (The Moon That Fulls With Cherry Blossoms)

  1. Thanks for the translation, and the extra information.
    Never thought that it’s Kenta’s idea since Momiken is the one who wrote the lyric. XD

    • My pleasure. KENTA has some very dangerous ideas occasionally.
      KENTA's ideas
      They’re releasing next single “niji” (rainbow) 29th May btw. (人´∀`*)

  2. Hello, I am timming a video of this song and subbed approximately 1/3 myself till i got fed up and said my japanese it to poor to continue. Based on your lyrics i completed the rest, i wanted to know if you mind if i posted it on youtube. i will give you credit in the video as well as link to your blog in the youtube about section. Kindly let me know if this will be acceptable as i don’t want to be rude. Thanks

    • Thank you for being kind enough to mention. Of course and most definitely it is okay; sharing lyrics is the reason I started this blog and it would be a great pleasure to know my TL is used in fan-made vids. If you read the “terms of use” in my blog’s “About” page (I know it’s slightly badly placed, I’ll sort out pages later) you’ll know that you dont “need” to mention credits either. Please do use them, and thanks!

  3. Thank you, i will be sure to take you up on your offer when i can. Because you kindly put the effort into translateing i feel you need to be mentioned so its my feeling that i will continue to do so. Here is the video in question which was private untill i got your permission. My first attempt at subbing a video so its not that fancy but I it gives the song and the band justice to how awesome they are.

    Thanks again

  4. If you pay close attention, when they sing “soredemo mada oikaketeru,” Hasegawa appears on screen, just as the singer sings “mada o-“

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