6 comments on “[Req] “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A’s” Theme song _ hohoemi no purumaaju (Plumage of Smiles)

  1. Ah, thanks again. You’re really, really fast. o_o When I requested my songs I thought I should check your page again after one week, at the earliest.
    Great work, but I have to fault one thing as nitpicking as I am. You wrote “untill now”. =p
    I’m looking forward to your future works. So please keep it up. =D

    • Actually proofreading is also very welcomed, so thanks. Typos like that happen when I constantly rephrase the sentence to meet the closest syntactical/semantic sense. I’m not sure why you would expect a week time but tbh, my past inactivity does give that impression. Thanks for your supportive words, they matter very much.

  2. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s just based on other sites. Normally, you have even to wait for days for an answer. So it’s really nice to see, that someone actually cares to answer and even to get the requests done in a timely manner. I didn’t mean to offend you.
    What else should I say? You’ve got a fan. xD

    • None taken whatsoever O.o
      If others are reluctant to fulfill requests, it’s their own loss. Your and anybody else’s requests enrich this site’s content, so the pleasure is all mine.

  3. You’ve certainly got a point there. After all it’s not like you or others have to do it, but rather they want to do it because it’s a fun thing to do. And in my opinion we (the average user) should be grateful, that someone’s doing it.
    Oh well, I think I shouldn’t spam to much in your comment sections. xD
    So I remain with a thank you once more <:

  4. You’re welcome. No rules here really, just common sense. So, as long as you stay on-topic, and in relative pages, you can comment all you want! Advantages of being a fan >_>

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