5 comments on “SPYAIR _ 0 GAME

  1. RABU this song!! The music in the chorus sounds awesome, I’m singing “tanjun no rabu gaaaaaaaame” over and over xD BTW “love” game means love in like tennis… as in a loser game :3 I’m buying a SPYAIR album, unfortunately this song isn’t on it >_<

  2. dude i love this! thank you! but i dont think. youve made a translation for RESET. its actually my favorite song from spyair. anyways! #shoutout to what a great person you are! haha free translation yeah! 😀

    • Yo yo! I’m flattered thank you! Do they make you pay for translations elsewhere? I know one or two other TL bloggers who have gone “pay-per-translation” but I think they started and went on for some long time as free sharers as well. I’ve come to love “RESET” song as well it’s got a very strong and yet nonchalant-sounding lyrics & beat. I’ve unfortunately been forced inactive lately ‘cuz of messed up net in my country, but I’ll consider that a request (even tho you’re kinda supposed to post it in the relevant page but well, meh!) and will get to it soon as I get a working net like back in good days, hopefully and if I’m lucky, in few days.

  3. ohh wow thanks for the translation I love this song, a lot with liar and the last moment. Can’t stop hearing all three of it.

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